Member Agreement for the Reconomy Global Timebank

WE the people of our beautiful Earth,
in able to secure for ourselves and all of creation the tools to prevail, 
and to forever pay forward our debt to our mothers, fathers and children, do establish this Global Timebank.

WE agree to help each other and accept help everywhere 
through an hour-for-hour exchange using our Timebank, 
which indebts the receiver to pay forward equally with their time 
in service to nurturing and protecting the dreams of others, 
the people we love, and the ground beneath our feet. 

WE agree to teach each other and to provide any service, 
including permaculture, renewable energy development, water harvesting,
and any and all knowledge that contributes to beauty AND local sustainability. 

WE agree to an equal vote for each member in the governing of this cooperative effort. 

In testament to our commitment to each other, our planet, and our common future,
we do here affix our names.