Welcome to the Reconomy Global Timebank

Welcome to the Reconomy Global Timebank

We are a global network of mutual support, sharing through a living library of knowledge.

Reconomy engages us in a massively-multiplayer, collaborative quest to build global sustainable prosperity by growing self-reliant, prosperous communities everywhere.

We officially launched on November 5th, 2013, after surpassing our pre-launch goal of 1000 individuals from around the globe joining Reconomy through our Causes website.  More than 850 of us have already signed our player-maker agreement, promising to pay-forward with our time in service to nurturing and protecting the dreams of others, the people we love, and the ground beneath our feet.  We agree to accomplish this by teaching each other and providing any services that contribute to beauty and local sustainability.

Each new service offered by a player-maker is reviewed to screen out spam and scams, and then added to the catalogue.  Screened player-makers then receive a time-credit in their account which permits them to ask for services from what all have on offer.  To protect us all, this permission is limited.  No one is required to provide service on demand.  We each decide for ourselves.

Our Global Timebank provides services only, however the local marketplaces we'll be creating include money-free, pay-forward systems that provide goods as well as services.  Reconomy credit enters our global and local networks through community service, rather than through borrowing, such as by adding, screening or guiding new members, and through other community projects, such as helping to launch and manage local marketplaces.  Because credit does not enter our network through lending, there is never any debt to pay-back.  Instead, player-makers receiving service have a corresponding time-debit recorded in their account, requiring that we pay-forward by helping others, giving at least as much as we receive to retain our permission to receive help.  Members also have the option of either receiving a time-credit in our personal accounts from the accounts of the persons we help, or we can donate any or all time-credit to our Community Account.  By donating time-credit to the Community Account, the corresponding debit can never be retired, but instead is paid-forward forever, from person-to-person, becoming permanent community wealth rather than personal wealth.

Membership is free.  You can join us now, and then take as much time as you like to become acquainted.  If you have any questions or are ready to list a service, please email our Administration. Your email account is available by clicking on "Personal" and then "Messages".

P.s. At this time, as we initiate the alpha version of service platform, we are bringing members into our Timebank slowly to establish the standard of person-to-person support that is both our strategy and our goal. You are welcome to register at your convenience, however your patience is requested in the listing of services.

(Read about our currency system here:  "The Opposite of Money")