PIF: Our Pay-It-Forward Trading System

Our Pay-It-Forward Trading System

This is a Pay-It-Forward trading system, and accordingly we track our hours of service in units called PIF, which record them as hours paid forward.  For example, if you provide one hour and thirty minutes of service, then the person receiving your help credits you by transferring 1.50 PIF from their account to yours, recording that you have paid-forward that time to them.  Your account will then show this additional PIF amount added to your balance, and the account of the person you helped will show it subtracted from theirs.

Transfer of PIFs is analogous to a payment of money, with accounts showing credits and debits, but differs in that PIFs have no value in money, and in fact are not money and cannot be redeemed for money in our system.  All hours are equal in value: priceless.  There are no tax, transfer fees or international restrictions for trade of hours in our global system.

Members begin by proposing a service they'd like to offer, and receive PIFs when their proposal completes review, in acknowledgment that their participation is of benefit to our entire global community.  A minimum of two hours of PIF credit is awarded, with additional credit to cover additional time.  To protect the collective wealth of our community, negative balances are not possible with our system, or, in other words, you must have PIFs in your account in able to receive any service, and thus cannot trade before your service is reviewed and initial PIFs placed in your account.  Thereafter, a positive balance can be maintained by providing at least as much service as you receive.