Credit for Joining and Other Community Service

You get credit for joining and helping grow your global and local networks.

It takes just five minutes to register and validate your email.  But to protect us all from spammers and scammers, each new service is peer-reviewed by another member before it is listed in the catalogue, and the reviewers provide additional assistance as requested.  New members are awarded a minimum of two hours of credit for engaging in this process and generally familiarizing themselves with their new account, more if more time is needed, and their screener receives a matching credit.

Additional credit is earned providing your service, subscribing new members, and through other voluntary community service such as helping launch local pay-forward networks.  Every new member has the option of listing Community Service in addition to or instead of listing a personal service.  Community Service, such as helping grow our membership, contributes to our shared resources, which permits us to build pay-forward networks everywhere.